Summer Socialization for Your Pre-School Child

Jun 10, 2013

As the school year ends and summer begins, many parents quickly realize that their children crave the socialization that school offers. Over the school year they have built relationships and friendships that they look forward to checking-in with daily. Summer means that many of those friendships may be on hold until September, but socialization for a child in the early childhood years should certainly not stop just because school ends. How do you keep your little butterfly social through July and August? Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Put your TRNS&K Parent Class List to good use and plan a play date. These play dates could be for the whole class to meet at a predetermined location or just to get your child together with another child he/she cares about and with whom he/she enjoys spending time.
  2. Go to the park. We are fortunate enough to live in an area with great parks; take advantage! Encourage your child to strike up a conversation with a child he/she does not know. This is great social practice for a child and parks offer a variety of equipment that foster gross motor development.
  3. Hit the beach! Much like the park, the beach tends to be a hot spot for kid fun. Bring a few toys and help your child to invite some new friends to your blanket for some sandy fun. The beach also offers a chance to practice those fine and gross motor skills.
  4. Enroll your child in a class. Our area has a wide array of options available at all price ranges. Many children enjoy gymnastics, swimming, art, karate, music, or dance just to name a few. Look for classes that group children together according to age so that your child has the opportunity not only to learn a new skill, but also to socialize with children his/her own age.
  5. Make the best of a rainy day. Many local places such as Bounce U, Twisters and Gymboree, just to name a few, have days and times that are open to the public for a small fee. Often on rainy days these places will be a bit crowded, but this does offer your child a plethora of children who could become potential new friends!

Regardless of what you do with your child this summer, remember: your child has blossomed into a little person who wants/needs interaction with other children his/her own age. Socialization can happen anywhere, but sometimes your child will need help to step out of his/her comfort zone. With your assistance, they will be flapping their social butterfly wings in not time. Enjoy creating these opportunities for your child. We will miss them!

Wishing you peaceful parenting,
Christin Clark