Top Ten Things a Child Should Know When Completing the Nursery School Program

Jun 1, 2013

Toms River Nursery School Top Ten Things A Child Should Know When Completing the Nursery School Program

As June begins many parents are looking back at art work and photos from the 2012-2013 school year and thinking about all the children have learned this year. The children are exposed to so much material at TRNSK; some of which is academic but much of which is social and emotional. It is normal for parents to ask themselves, what should my child know in June now that he or she has completed the nursery program? Here is a little insight.

At the conclusion of the TRNS&K Nursery Program a child should be able to:

  1. Verbalize his or her wants or needs to teachers, parents and peers.
  2. Resolve social conflicts without a physical response.
  3. Assert his or her independence through activities such as buttoning or zippering a coat, choosing an activity or completing a prescribed activity with minimal help.
  4. Understand the concepts of sharing and taking turns.
  5. Display small muscle control through activities such as tracing and coloring, buttoning and zippering a coat, cutting, pasting and/or the use of manipulatives.
  6. Display large motor skills through activities such as skipping, hopping, running, crawling and/or various other total body exercises.
  7. Understand the value of numbers one through ten.
  8. Recognize his or her name.
  9. Sequence pictures and objects.
  10. Listen to an age appropriate story with attention.

Please note that all children learn and grow at their own pace; these are simply skills that a pre-kindergarten program builds upon as if all children have mastered.