Top Ten Things a Child Should Know When Completing the Pre-Kindergarten Program

Jun 1, 2013

Toms River Nursery School and Kindergarten Top Ten Things A Child Should Know When Completing the Pre-Kindergarten Program

As June begins many parents are looking back at art work and photos from the 2012-2013 school year and thinking about all the children have learned this year. The children are exposed to so much material at TRNSK; some of which is academic but much of which is social and emotional. It is normal for parents to ask themselves, what should my child know in June now that he or she has completed the pre-kindergarten program? Here is a little insight.

At the conclusion of the TRNS&K Pre-Kindergarten Program a child should be able to:

  1. Successfully wait for a turn and display an understanding for why people take turns and share.
  2. Display an increased attention span.
  3. Work cooperatively in a group, deal with conflict within that group and verbalize frustrations in an appropriate way; this implies the display of empathy toward others.
  4. Successfully transition between work and play.
  5. Display small muscle control by holding tools properly, using scissors to independently to cut straight and curved lines.
  6. Print and recognize his or her name, color within a form and correctly form letters.
  7. Understand the value of numbers one through ten and identify number correlation between one and twenty.
  8. Visually recall through games and circle time activities as well as recall events from a story.
  9. Display large motor skills through various everyday activities such as running and jumping as well as through the use of climbing apparatus such as balance beam.
  10. Discriminate between letter sounds excluding vowels as well as other environmental sounds.

Please note that all children learn and grow at their own pace; these are simply skills that a kindergarten program builds upon as if all children have mastered.