Mrs. Banach’s Enrichment Program

Mrs. Banach

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 11:45-2:00 p.m.  Students will start by having lunch from 11:45-12:00 p.m. followed by 2 hours of enrichment activities!  Any children ages 3-5 are welcome to attend.

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1 session per month: $99

2 sessions per month: $149

3 sessions per month:  $199



S.T.E.M. (Mondays)

“Everybody in this country should learn to program a computer, because it teaches you how to think.” – Steve Jobs

Graphing, Coding, and Patterning


  • Students will work on sharpening their mathematical thinking by observing patterns.
  • We will be patterning with different objects, stickers, sand, and colors.
  • Bar graphs will be completed as a class to show the results of polls.
  • The students will be partaking in different questions and games to gather results for our various bar graphs.

We will be graphing dinosaurs with a rolling dinosaur game, graphing birthdays, and our  favorite colors.

  • Basic coding will also be introduced. Students will learn how to give clear and concise directions on how to accomplish a task.
  • We will be decoding a mystery with different numbers equating to letters of our alphabet.
  • We will also draw out the process of making a sandwich and follow our “code” to complete this task.
  • Students will play the game “Mother May I” to figure out which steps should be taken to get from a starting point to an ending point.
  • As a class we will also be creating an action to go along with each number as we count to 30!



Literacy (Tuesdays)

“Now run along and play but don’t get into trouble. George promised to be good. But it is easy for little monkeys to forget.”- H.A. Rey

Author Study: H. A. Rey


  • Students will be introduced to our Featured Author and discover similarities and differences within various stories.  These “Mentor Texts” will be used to start class discussions and to assist with our Writer’s Workshop activities.
  • Writer’s Workshop will continue.  We will discuss the jobs of authors and illustrators.  Students will also try to create stories with Curious George.
  • Handwriting Without Tears program will enhance each student’s fine motor skills.  We will be getting our hands “ready to write” with the use of manipulatives in our water table and learning finger strengthening songs!
  • Rhyming words with silly songs and nursery rhymes will be sung.
  • Each day we will be going on a Letter Hunt with our flashlights.  Let’s see if we can be good detectives and shine some light on those missing letters!
  • We will be working on letters A-Z for recognition and sound/letter correspondence through various activities.
  • Our class will be doing many activities as reading responses to each of our stories.
  • Students will work on matching uppercase and lowercase letters through a variety of games.
  • Name recognition and writing will also be worked on through various projects and activities.
  • We will be reading many stories from H. A. Rey and his very curious monkey Curious George.
  • will be a web site that the students will use to play some fun Curious George games and activities.


Arts/Drama (Wednesday)

Artist Study: Piet Mondrian

” The first aim in painting should be universal expression.”- Piet Mondrian

  • We will be learning about the artist Piet Mondrian, an artist from the Netherlands who used cubism and neo-plasticism.
  • The focus on this month’s art work will be using basic shapes and the primary colors.
  • Students will be creating pattern sticks with markers.
  • We will be creating sun catchers on contact paper with black outlines and red, blue, and yellow tissue paper.
  • Legos will be out to create block patterns with our primary colors.
  • Students will learn about the artist and how his art work became famous.

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