Mrs. Krasner’s Three Day Nursery Class

Mrs. Krasner


Welcome to Room 5! Our nursery classroom is such a busy place as we are continuing our school year of growing and learning together! This month we are excited to welcome the season of spring! We are hoping March will exit like a lamb after all of the cold weather we’ve been having. We’ll be looking and listening all around for signs of a new season. What a beautiful change it will be!


We are thrilled to be finishing up our last few letters on our first alphabet journey. The children have been working so hard on their letter symbol and sound recognition. We are also continuing number, shape and color review for math readiness. We are all counting so well to 10, 20 and beyond. Now our main focus is not only number recognition but also understanding that numbers have a value. We play lots of readiness games using labeled beanbags, cards, puzzles and blocks. We also play games on our Promethean board using websites like, Starfall and These sites provide many interactive games that reinforce our language and math readiness skills.


Our Handwriting Without Tears program is in full swing with our nursery friends. They are getting so good at making all of the lines needed to draw “Mat Man.” This requires them to make circles, squares, big lines, little lines, curved, straight, horizontal, vertical and diagonal. These are all of the lines they will need to write letters and words as they progress. Keep up the great work!


We are always working on developing the strength of our fine and gross motor skills as well. We work these muscles in many ways. For fine motor development we use scissors, bend and twist pipe cleaners, build with small blocks or puzzles, string beads, squeeze  tweezers, mold play dough and so much more. For large motor, we love to dance, skip, jump and hop. We often do fun exercises using balance beams, stepping stones, cones, hoops, trampolines, hop scotch and crawling tunnels. We create obstacle courses that challenge the children while improving coordination, stamina and focus. Last week we learned Irish step dancing for St. Patrick’s Day and this week we will try Yoga as part of our letter Y activities.


We are always so busy working on our Theme of the Month too. Last month for “Love and Kindness” our class raised $81 in change to donate to the Popcorn Park Zoo! Together with Mrs. Boag’s class we earned a grand total of $207 to donate! Great job everyone! Our furry friends will appreciate our cash gift as well as the many dog treats, cat toys and bird feeders we all created. This month our theme is “Celebration of Children’s Literature.” Our school will be having a special Literature Night. Each class will perform a brief interpretation of a popular children’s book. Our class will be honoring a true favorite, Where the Wild Things Are. The children are hard at work practicing their roars, claws and teeth!


There’s just a couple more days of winter. We’ve come a long way! Spring is almost here and with it a whole new season of fun and happy activities together! We can’t wait! Happy spring everyone!



Looking ahead…please be sure to mark the following dates:


*TRNS School Spirit- Pajama Day– Tuesday, March 27th

*Children’s Literature Night– Wednesday, March 28th, 6:30 pm at Hooper Ave. Elementary

*Spring Break– Friday, March 30th- Friday, April 6th. School re-opens on Monday, April 9th






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