Mrs. Krobatsch’s Pre-Kindergarten Class

Mrs. Krobatsch


MARCH 12-16 is Scholastic Book Fair.
CONFERENCES are posted on Bloomz. Please sign up if you have not done so. I am looking foward to talking to you about your childs progress.

AM CLASS our Literature night book is PETE HE CAT AND HIS WHITE SHOES…
PM CLASS is BROWN BEAR BROWN BEAR WHAT DO YOU SEE … We will be making props and learning songs…Details will follow in a letter ho

*We will talk about wind and make kites
*We will make leprechauns! We will talk about a STEM project and brainstorm ideas to create a leprechaun trap.
*We will have Saint Patrick’s Day snack on March 16

Each Friday we will explore a new science experiment and the scientific method. You ae welcome to join in hte fun! AM class 11:00-11:30 PM c;ass 2:00-2:30

We will record, observe and make hypothesis.

*We will practice our address and create a house at art!

*We are working hard on out last name and practicing RECOGNITION and PRINTING Our last name as well as our first name! We are writing our names on our projects, signing in when we arrive and practicing on chalk boards.

HANDWRITING WITHOUT TEARS…. MAT MAN , numbers, letters in our name and DIAGONAL LINES, HORIZONTAL AND VERTICAL LINES…We will use chalk boards, Handwriting without tears sticks, shaving cream and sand to practice our letters.

We are doing a great job daily with cutting on straight and curved lines and following multi step directions during our art activities.

*COINS…We will practice recognition of a penny and a quarter and we will learn about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.
*We will count coins and play with money in our kitchen area!

*Geoboards with rubber bands for our everyday math program

*Writing workshop daily during freeplay….We will talk about CHARACTERS IN OUR STORIES and SEQUENCE OF EVENTS when we are writing our stories.
*We are learning about the PUBLISHER when we are reading stories daily. Look who the publisher is when you are reading books at home.

*ABC and number games with Dr.Seuss cards/ BINGO game/ SHAMROCK ABC AND NUMBER GAMES/ Egg games
*Chalkboard and shaving cream activities. Horizontal/vertical and diagonal lines…in handwriting without tears.

*Playdough FUN ways to create the letter Yy
We will create PATTERNS with beads in playdough

*Fun with lummi sticks, musical instruments and scarves

*We will talk about the TITLE, AUTHOR and ILLUSTRATOR if the books we read. Is the book hard cover or soft cover?We created ROBOTS last week out of various shapes and collage materials. We will create stories about our ROBOTS this week.

*CHARACTERS…we are learning that characters are FRIENDS we meet in our books!

*EVERYDAY MATH we will explore numbers and learn about our everyday math routine at circletime! We will practice counting our groups of objects with pipe cleaners and buttons.

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