Ms. Reynolds’ Pre-Kindergarten Class

Mrs. Luciani


We will be working on the letter Yy

Letter Yy Activities


The letter-sound association we are studying is “Y y” as in “yellow yarn.” Here are some activities you can do at home with your child to reinforce our classroom activities.


  1. Auditory Perception:

Say “yes” each time you hear a word that begins like “yarn.”


yellow, Yosemite, went, yarn, town, yet, yogi, game,     yonder, job, you, yap,     yesterday, ride, youth, yard,     rind, jam, yield, yoke, cough, your, youth…


  1. Listening: Which words in these sentences begin with the “Y y” sound?


  1. It’s fun to yodel on a mountain.
  2. I love my yellow lollipop. Yum, yum, yum!
  3. Do you think yogurt is yummy?
  4. Yeast makes bread rise.
  5. Did you live in New York?
  6. Jeff measured the yarn with a yardstick.
  7. Sam had a sailboat but Yolanda had a yacht.


  1. Play a Word Guessing game. All of the words guessed should begin with

the sound     heard at the beginning of “yard.”


  1. The day before today was _______. (yesterday)
  2. An animal with shaggy fur that likes to climb mountains is a ______. (yak)
  3. Parents are older, children are ________. (younger)
  4. The yellow part of the egg is the ________. (yolk)
  5. A round toy that goes up and down on a string is a ______. (yo-yo)
  6. When you are tired you sometimes open your mouth and _______. (yawn)
  7. Twelve months make a __________. (year)


  1. Make “My Yy Book.” Staple several pieces of paper together to make a book. Have your child look through magazines to find pictures of things beginning like “yellow yarn.” Glue one or two to each page then have your child label the pictures using “invented spelling.” Your child should say the word a few times so he/she can listen to the sounds at the beginning, middle and end of each word. Your child should guess how the word is spelled and write his/her letter guesses under each picture.


  1. Ask your child to sing “We Wish You A Happy Yy Week” for you. Here’s another song to sing: “Let’s Give A Yell For Y” Tune: The Farmer In The Dell Song: Let’s give a yell for Y, Let’s give a yell for Y. Y is for you and for yellow, too. Let’s give a yell for Y.


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