Mrs. Estomin’s Two Day Nursery Class

Mrs. Estomin's Class




Welcome to Mrs. Estomin’s Nursery School Classroom! (Ages 3-4)
Thursdays and Fridays 9:15-11:45 am.

We are a school family that works together to grow, learn, and play. Each week, we focus on exposing children to the fundamental pillars of early childhood education, as well as, some more dynamic and unique life experiences! From the time students enter the classroom, they are given the chance to work on their fine motor, social, and educational skills. We start our day together around the circle for our daily morning meeting which presents students with an opportunity to share stories with our class, talk about the date, weather, counting, and a brief foreshadowing of our day ahead. Students are then given an hour of free play daily, during this time, teachers work with students in both individual and group settings to ensure social and academic growth. Students are always met on their level and are encouraged to challenge themselves through play.

We also have two circle times daily- one “readiness circle” that focuses on weekly content (holidays, phonics and letter recognition, early mathematic skills, etc.) and a gross motor time that enables students to work on balance, eye hand coordination, music and rhythm, and other physically based skills.  It is our goal to go outside daily, weather permitted. Following our outside time, we end our day with a story and a goodbye song for all our friends. Our room is full of laughs and we always focus on remembering that we are a team of friends working and playing together! 
















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